November 18, 2019

The Automatic Vent Opener was made to automatically control the temperature and humidity levels and offer additional ventilation when needed, making gardening easier. As the atmosphere in the greenhouse warms, the vent gradually opens to enable the correct amount of ventilation into the greenhouse and closes when the temperature cools. The vent arm was made with a steel cylinder that contains wax which expands when heated to press a piston, which raises the window, as the air flow gets warmer, then contracts as it cools, closing with the utilization of a spring and resetting the piston. All you need to do is to install it on your own roof vent screen and it immediately starts working. The Automatic Vent Opener works Automatic Greenhouse Vent without the utilization of electricity and is compatible with all Palram greenhouse versions only. The solar powered Vent Opener will begin to open as temps inside your greenhouse reach 68 degrees F with full-open at 80 degrees. It installs quickly and easily and can provide care-free ventilation.
Ingenious temperature-sensitive device that automatically opens and closes coldframe lids, greenhouse windows and even skylights. Works during the day and maintain a continuous interior climate, something impossible to accomplish by manual adjustments.

Requires no batteries or electricity.
It can be adjusted to begin opening between 60-77°F. Fully open at 86-90°F. Fully closed at 55°F.
Strongly recommended for all our glazed season extenders because it dramatically enhances plant growth.
The hydraulic cylinder includes a 1 year warranty. The common lifetime of the cylinder is usually 5-10 years, although some can last up to 20 years.

Screw directly into polycarbonate panels, wooden, or metal frames. THE TYPICAL Vent Opener can open up a hinged screen or vent weighing just as much as 32 lb. For bigger panes use the more powerful Gigavent with all metal structure, to lift up to 65 lbs.

Note from the maker: Suggested to lubricate the piston rod annual, this will help extend the lifetime of the hydraulic cylinder. Avoid solid grease, as dirt particles “glues” quickly onto the piston rod and can damage the rubber. Also don’t forget to unlock the vent in the wintertime if leaving the vent openers set up. A good weak winter sunlight can temperature the hydraulic cylinder sufficiently to make it start pressing the piston rod outwards.
This solar vent control will open and close vents, in your solar gem greenhouse. It features two closing springs for extra power. The solar vent opener may be the only solar-operate control with a quick-release mounting bracket. Just grasp the “clutch” arm and squeeze for easy detachment. This allows vent to be fully opened for usage of the interior.