February 7, 2020

Agricultural Gearbox For Meals mixers
A wide selection of gearboxes for machinery used for the collection, combining and distribution of fodder or the cleaning of livestock.
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We specializing in the production of Agricultural Gearbox, PTO Shafts, Sprockets, Liquid Coupling, Worm Equipment Reducers, Gears and racks, Roller Chains, Sheave and Pulleys, Planetary Gearboxes, Timing Pulleys, Shaft Collars and more.
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Agricultural Gearbox For Support applications
Power transmission systems designed to the requirements of the building market and the providers for the city: from cement mixers to hydraulic pumps and to generator sets.
Agricultural Gearbox For Maintenance of green spaces
Power transmission systems designed to the specific needs of machinery for gardening and maintenance of green areas.

If the input and output shafts are positioned parallel to one another, the agricultural gearbox is known as PARALLEL SHAFT gearbox.
Agricultural Gearbox For Soil preparation
Gearboxes for devices used for small agricultural works, soil planning and crop treatment.

Agricultural gearboxes always have a single input shaft and at least a single output shaft. If these shafts sit at 90° to one another, the gearbox can be an ORTHOGONAL ANGLE gearbox or even more typically called a right-angle gearbox.