Professional Super Quality Dual Stage Rotary Vane Vacuum Pump

Professional Super Quality Dual Stage Rotary Vane Vacuum Pump

Skilled tremendous top quality dual stage rotary vane vacuum pump

Software of vacuum pump for autoclave

2XZ series vacuum pump for autoclave is 1 of the fundamental tools to pump gasoline, can be used by itself, also can be used with a booster pump, diffusion pump, molecular pump and other ultra-substantial vacuum pump linked jointly as a backing pump, commonly used in electronic units production, vacuum drying oven, filtration, impregnation, coating, welding, smelting and laboratory tools.

Attributes of vacuum pump for autoclave

2XZ vacuum pump for autoclave with a little dimensions, light fat, lower sounds, straightforward to begin and so on. In addition, there are actions to prevent oil return (2XZ-eight) and actions to avoid contamination of the internet site with oil seals.
one. It can be a independent part, can also be employed as numerous sorts of higher-vacuum program of the pre-pump and pre-pump.
two. The inlet constant open up air procedure, shall not exceed three minutes.
3. The pump does not apply to the extraction of steel corrosive, the chemical reaction of the oil from the pump, that contains dust particles of fuel to the human body oxygen is as well higher, there is explosive fuel.
4. The pump has to be used for compression pump or pump.
5. Doing work setting: temperature five ºC -forty ºC assortment, the relative temperature is not higher than ninety%, inlet pressure considerably less than 1333Pa below the situations permit extended-phrase continuous procedure.
6. The installation of the power source, in accordance to the provisions of the motor tag wiring, motor rotation should be noted that the course of the arrow on the bearing the same course.
7. Ongoing pumping container pipe, the diameter need to not be considerably less than the pump inlet diameter, and the pipe should be brief and significantly less elbow, although paying out attention to pipeline leakage.
eight. Just before each begin focusing on the oil amount to quit the pump oil to the oil CZPT glass diameter of four/5 height is appropriate.

CZPT specifications of chemical vacuum pump for autoclave

Model 2XZ-.5 2XZ-1 2XZ-2 2XZ-4 2XZ-8 2XZ-fifteen
Pumping fee(L/S) .5 1 two four 8 15
Severe Stress(Pa) six.*10-2 6.*ten-two six.*10-2 six.*ten-two six.*ten-two 6.*ten-two
CZPT velocity(rpm) 1440 1440 1440 1440 1410 1420
Electricity(w) 180 250 370 550 1100 1500
Suction diameter(mm) 16 16 twenty five 25 forty four

Connected CZPT

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Professional Super Quality Dual Stage Rotary Vane Vacuum Pump