Kyc Diesel Pumps for Agriculture

Kyc Diesel Pumps for Agriculture


A late-model Irrigation Agriculture tools, KYC diesel motor pump group sequence are developed productively, strictly complying with national CZPT-GB6245 2006 “Efficiency prerequisite and testing method of hearth combating pumps” and with NEPA20 “Set up of centrifugal Irrigation Agriculture pumps”.
Labeled by equipped types (one stage one suction variety, solitary, this tools can fall into a few sub-groups: KCY-IS, KCY-S and KCY-D The tools are widely used in a lot of situations
Related diesel engine are classical domestic or imported kinds, which have attribute of secure beginning, higher capacity compact construction, simple upkeep and high automation, hence, they are fire-security products with superior and trusted efficiency.

X61 35, 12V1 35, 4102 4105, sixty one 02, 4100 495 and so on diesel engines sequence provide power for our pumps. FIrrigation Agriculture pump device consist of Irrigation Agriculture pump and these diesel engines (also function with clutches), which is hooked up to higher elastic clutches, in addition to diesel tank, radiation h2o tank, blower, handle monitor (for the automation device) etc factors.
Currently being the vehicle-control unit, a different diesel engine automobile-handle cupboard(Programmable)carries out the system’s computerized starting, efficiency, auto-switching(the motor pump unit is switched to the diesel engine pump one or the diesel motor pump device to one more unit), auto-safety(warning and halting protection for the diesel engine’s in excess of-velocity, decrease oil force, higher water temperature, a few times of failures in starting, lower voltage of accumulator warning and many others functions)and also can be linked to fire preventing facilities of customers or the car-warning system of fire with the purpose of remote checking.
In order To hold the device working generally below 5, it can be fitted with an AC220V drinking water-cooling pre-heater.
The diesel engine fire-combating pump group can be formed as an automatic Irrigation Agriculture ware-source program (see tabel1), with an electric powered pump and force preserving one particular, as you can go through “Diesel motor manage technique”.
There are two drinking water inlet ways: Self-pouring and suction-up. The previous is favored due to the fact of fireplace-security CZPT. If our customers specially inquire for suction-up kinds, they are required to level out so our business offer automatic vacuum h2o foremost gadget. However, the alter of dimension of the pump unit is necessary.

SCOPE OF Provide:
We source diesel motor (which includes oil tank and accumulator) Irrigation Agriculture pump, higher elastic clutch and their pedestal and electric handle cabinet for manage.

MCZPTL Meaning:
KY: HangZhou
C: Irrigation Agriculture pump mark of diesel-driven engine

Whether you need the maximum quality Irrigation Agriculture pump on the industry or a full kit to tackle complex pump purposes, CZPT pump from ZheJiang China is the very best model to believe in.

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KYC Model Type
Product  Speed
 Shaft Power
 Diesel Electrical power
3/10 2000 ten .three 71 2.5 five.five seven.five 100/sixty five ninety one
three/twenty 2000 twenty .3 seventy one 3 nine.5 13.8 100/65 91
3/thirty 2000 30 .3 sixty nine three.eight sixteen.eight twenty.six one hundred twenty five/100 129
three/forty 2000 40 .three seventy seven four.8 eighteen.five 23.2 125/100 129
four/10 2000 ten .four seventy one 2.five seven.four thirteen.8 100/65 91
4/twenty 2000 twenty .4 77 three eleven.2 fifteen.3 a hundred twenty five/one hundred 129
4/30 2000 thirty .four seventy four 3.6 eighteen.2 26.5 a hundred twenty five/one hundred one hundred forty five
5/10 2000 ten .five sixty five 4.two eight.7 13.8 a hundred/65 120
5/twenty 2000 twenty .five 65 four.five 19.9 26.5 a hundred/65 one hundred twenty
five/thirty 2000 30 .five seventy four 4.5 25.7 35.three a hundred twenty five/one hundred a hundred forty five
5/40 2000 40 .five seventy four 4.nine 32.8 35.five one hundred twenty five/a hundred a hundred forty five
5/fifty 1500 50 .5 seventy five 2.eight 36.3 58 150/a hundred twenty five 212
five/a hundred 1500 a hundred .five 81 3.8 67.2 one zero five two hundred/one hundred fifty 245
five/a hundred and ten 1500 one hundred ten .five 81 four.five sixty eight.four one zero five two hundred/150 245
six/ten 2000 ten .6 65 2.5 eleven.5 fifteen.3 a hundred/sixty five one hundred twenty
six/twenty 2000 twenty .6 seventy four three 19.7 26.five one hundred twenty five/one hundred 145
6/thirty 2000 30 .six seventy four three.six forty.four one hundred twenty five/a hundred one hundred forty five
four/30 1500 thirty .four 75.five 4.1 15.6 20.6 one hundred twenty five 475
six/30 1500 30 .six seventy five.5 4.1 23.four 31.6 one hundred twenty five 555
8/thirty 1500 thirty .eight seventy five.five four.1 31.2 34.3 a hundred twenty five 640
ten/30 1500 thirty 1 75.five 4.1 39 58 125 726
12/thirty 1500 30 one.2 75.5 4.1 46.eight seventy five one hundred twenty five 840
14/30 1500 30 one.four seventy five.five 54.6 75 one hundred twenty five 923
sixteen/thirty 1500 thirty 1.6 75.5 4.1 sixty two.4 seventy five a hundred twenty five 1008
18/30 1500 thirty 1.eight seventy five.5 70.2 a hundred and ten one hundred twenty five 1093
6/40 1500 forty .6 seventy seven three.nine 32.eight fifty eight 150 490
nine/40 1500 40 .nine seventy seven 3.nine forty nine.3 75 a hundred and fifty 575
12/forty 1500 40 one.2 77 three.9 65.7 75 150 660
fifteen/14 1500 40 1.five seventy seven three.nine 82.1 one hundred ten a hundred and fifty 745
eighteen/40 1500 forty one.8 seventy seven three.9 ninety eight.five 160 one hundred fifty 830
8/eighty 1500 eighty .eight 77 85.two 110 two hundred 667
12/eighty 1500 eighty one.2 77 127.7 a hundred and sixty two hundred 787
sixteen/80 1500 80 1.six 77 170.3 220 two hundred 907
twenty/80 1500 eighty 2 77 four.7 212.three 279 two hundred 1571
25/eighty 1500 eighty 2.5 77 4.7 255.5 279 two hundred 1147
eighteen/a hundred twenty five 1500 a hundred twenty five one.eight seventy nine 4.nine 229.2 338 250 1750

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Kyc Diesel Pumps for Agriculture