Horizontal Double Suction Centrifugal Pump

Horizontal Double Suction Centrifugal Pump

CZPT Title:Horizontal Double Suction Centrifugal Pump

Solution use:

Water plant, drinking water circulation in air conditioning, creating h2o supply, irrigation and drainage pumping station, energy station, industrial water offer technique, fireplace combating technique, shipping sector, transportation of ordinary liquid.

Procedure data

one pump outlet diameter DN eighty~800mm

two flow Q ≤ 11600m3/h

three elevate is H ≤ 200m

four T running temperature ≤ one zero five Levels Celsius

5 strong particles is smaller sized than 80mg/L

six the allowable operating strain underneath 25Mpa

7 allowable examination strain ≤ 37.5Mpa

Solitary phase double suction centrifugal pump construction:

Compact look,

one the structure steadiness is good, effortless to install.

two secure procedure optimization of double suction impeller design can make the axial pressure is diminished to the least, leaf type and have excellent hydraulic overall performance, and the precision casting, pump casing and impeller floor surface quite Guanghua has considerable anti cavitation efficiency and effectiveness.

three bearing selection of SKS sort one-phase double suction centrifugal pump F and NSK bearings to make certain smooth running, minimal sound, prolonged services lifestyle.

four shaft seal adopts BURGMANN mechanical seal or packing seal. To guarantee operating 8000 hrs without having leakage.

5 mounting assembly with out adjustment, according to the internet site conditions of use. Break up vertical or horizontal set up.

six installation of self suction device, can realize the computerized drinking water, do not require to set up the valve, with no vacuum pump, pump can be started out with no intrusion.

The scope of application:

CZPT metal plate pressing pump parts, the laser welded together, and there are a range of grades of stainless steel can be used, so the use of SLG sort pump is very substantial, mainly for conveying a assortment of corrosive liquid and mild, clean h2o, can be utilized for

1. Household water supply and the booster

two. CZPT boiler feed drinking water

three. Circulating water of air conditioning system

4. Water therapy and reverse osmosis method

five. CZPT water, meals business, medicine

Solitary phase double suction centrifugal pump doing work issue:

one. Movement variety: .8m3/h~one hundred twenty m3/h

two. The carry assortment: five.6m~330m

3. Temperature selection: -twenty Levels Celsius ~a hundred and twenty Degrees Celsius

4. Conveying liquids: All types of clean h2o and gentle corrosion liquid

5. Pump cavity pressure: ≤ 4.0Mpa.

fault phenomenon failure cause elimination methods
  1.No electricity provide or a single or two section electrical power offer is necessary Examine all phases of power offer and restore electricity offer


  2.Very poor speak to of ac contactor and burning of coil Restore or change contactors


can not start three.
The power change is not closed, malfunction or ruined


Near the swap and replace it if the electricity indicator does not flip on
Thermal relay journey or hurt


Check out whether the motor is blocked, find out the cause and eliminate it.Manual reset is replaced if it are not able to be commenced
  H2o amount is too minimal Set water in the sink


  The motor burned Restore or replace the motor


  1.Line is loose Check wiring and tighten connectors


  2.Frequency converter malfunction Examine the fault articles, check the result in according to the frequency converter guide, and restart after reset.Or disconnect the inverter electricity provide for a few CZPTs, the inverter fault reset just before starting.
The manual is standard 3The frequency converter is ruined Fix or change
CZPT transmission failure four.Strain swap damage Repair or substitute
  5The stress transmitter is damaged Fix or replace
  6.Swap failure Mend or replace
Pump non – suction pressure gauge pointer to defeat violently Inadequate water offer for perfusion, air leakage at the connection amongst pipeline and instrument Verify pipeline and base valve, refill drinking water diversion. Tighten air leakage
The pump consumes too a lot power


Way too a lot flow, impeller put on


Examine whether or not the pump shaft is bent, replace the impeller, near the outlet valve to decrease the flow

Horizontal Double Suction Centrifugal Pump