High Shear Pump 3t H for Cosmetic

High Shear Pump 3t H for Cosmetic

substantial shear emulsify pump manufacturing description (In-line shear mixer)
In-line Substantial Shear Mixer is also known as as substantial shear pump, shear pump, emulsifying pump and substantial shear emulsify pump. It is consist of one particular established of exactly engineered stator and rotor inside of the shear pump chamber. The strong centrifugal forces produced by the higher velocity rotor take in the liquid components such as tomato sauce, syrup and slurry into the doing work chamber of the rotor and stator from axial course. Tomato sauce, syrup will be dispersed, sheared and emulsified by the multi-levels Stator & Rotor and then ship out of the shear pump.

Optional gadget for the large shear mixer
In some manufacturing unit for foods and beverage, for instance, tomato sauce generation manufacturing unit, a number of emulsifying pump will be essential in diverse processing stage. But not all of the pumps are currently being utilised in the same time. As a result, we can use the same pump in diverse processing stage—so, movable base for shear pump will be required. Beneath ask for, we will supply castors for the substantial shear pumps. 
Hopper for movable shear pump is also optional.

Parameter for in-line shear mixer 

Model Motor Powe Kw Rotation speed rpm Stream rate m³/h
ILM-1-80 one.five 2900 ~1.5
ILM-1-a hundred 2.2 2900 ~three
ILM-1-one hundred thirty 4 2900 ~four
ILM-one-a hundred and forty five.5 2900 ~five
ILM-one-a hundred sixty five 7.five 2900 ~eight
ILM-1-one hundred eighty eleven 2900 ~twelve
ILM-one-185 fifteen 2900 ~18
ILM-1-190 15 2900  
ILM-one-two hundred 22 2900 ~25
ILM-1-210 thirty 2900 ~35
ILM-1-230 forty five 2900 ~50
ILM-1-245 fifty five 2900 ~75
ILM-1-260 seventy five 2900 ~ninety
ILM-one-275 90 2900 ~110
ILM-one-280 132 2900 ~one hundred thirty

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High Shear Pump 3t H for Cosmetic