High Quality Vacuum Pump Set

High Quality Vacuum Pump Set

Higher high quality vacuum pump established &lparZKCC&rpar
one&time period Drying transformer
two&time period Double phase vacuum &lparvacuum pump and roots booster pump&rpar
3&time period Pumping Velocity from 108 m3&solhr to 4320 m3&solhr

ZKCC series vacuum pumping device is a new sort of vacuuming products designed and made by our business&time period It is extensively employed in the method of making vacuum situation for a variety of gear&period of time Its vacuum stress can get to a lot reduced than any other products in the exact same area&period of time

It is commonly utilised in the vacuuming method in the manufacturing&comma installation and servicing of many electric energy equipments&comma like electric power transformer&comma capacitor and so forth&interval&comma and is also employed in the specialized process of industrial production&comma this sort of as vacuum drying&comma vacuum distillation&comma vacuum wielding&comma vacuum coating and so forth&period
It is not suited for the vacuum process for air and gases containing too significantly powder&comma drinking water and oxygen as well as explosive&comma corrosive&comma toxic and chemical substances&time period

one&time period The device adopts special Roots pump and vacuum pump&comma so the vacuum pumping speed and force&comma are clearly greater than any other units&time period
2&period Operating vacuum selection and highest vacuum diploma are superior to other goods&interval
3&period of time It is installed with unique vacuum gauge for accurate indicator&period of time
4&period It adopts automatic vacuum relay for automated management&period of time
five&interval Steady and dependable operation&comma low noise&comma and easy to move&time period

Our oil filtration device&colon
Series ZY Solitary-Phase Vacuum Transformer Oil Purifier
Sequence ZYD Double Large Vacuum Transformer Oil Purifier
Collection ZYB Multiply-Purpose insulating oil therapy device
Sequence TY Turbine Oil CZPT Equipment
Sequence TYA Lubricating oil&sol hydraulic oil purification unit
Sequence TYB Transportable gentle Fuel oil purification device
Series TYD Vacuum dehydrator
Collection TYF Phosphate ester fireplace-resistance oil purifier
Sequence PL Plate force oil purifier
Series TYD Vacuum dehydrator
Collection EFD Explosion security filtration equipment
Collection BAM Press filtration technique
Collection ZKCC Vacuum pumping gadget
Collection COP Cooking oil purification machine
Collection CYS Centrifugal oil purification equipment
Collection JL Transportable oil filtering and oiling equipment
Collection EOR sequence waste motor oil recycling technique

Test tools
one&period of time Transformer oil Breakdown voltage Tester &lpar BDV examination kit&rpar collection IIJ-II
two&period Acidity tester product ACD-3000I
three&period of time Karl Fischer Drinking water content Tester Model TP-6A &sol model TP-2100
four&period Fully automated Interfacial Stress Analyzer product IT-800
five&time period Gas-Chromatography transformer oil fuel analyzer design DGA2013-one
6&period Kinematic Viscosity tester design VST-eight &solmodel VST-2000
seven&interval Flash position tester &lparopen cup&rpar design TPO-3000
8&interval Flash level tester &lparclose cup&rpar model TPC-3000
9&interval TAN-DELTA TESTER&comma 10kV Capacitance and Dissipation Factor Check Set product CDEF
ten&period of time CT&solPT tester design TPVA-404
eleven&interval Transformer flip ratio tester model HYG-II
twelve&period Relaying CZPT Tester design TPJB-III

CZPT Parameter ZKCC-30 ZKCC-70 ZKCC-a hundred and fifty ZKCC-300 ZKCC-600 ZKCC-1200
Pumping Speed &lparL&sols&rpar thirty 70 150 three hundred 600 1200
Pumping Speed &lparm3&solh&rpar 108 252 540 1080 2160 4320
Ultimate partial pressure &lparPa&rpar 5×10-two 5×10-two 5×10-two 3×10-two 3×10-2 1×10-1 
Ultimate partial pressure  &lparTorr&rpar 3&period7×10-four three&period7×10-four 2×10-4  2×10-4  2×10-4  8×10-4 
Total CZPTtric Power &lparkw&rpar one&period85 two&period6 5&period2 9&period5 eighteen&period5 33
Main Pump Type ZJP-30 ZJP-70 ZJP-one hundred fifty ZJP-three hundred ZJP-600 ZJP-1200
Front Stage Pump Type 2X-eight 2X-fifteen 2X-thirty 2X-70 2X-70 x 2 2X-70 x 4
Wire size of power supply input &geq&lparmm2&rpar 1 1&period5 three four 6 8
Power CZPT 50Hz 380V &lpar3phase&comma 4wire&rpar
Intake connection &lparmm&rpar DN50 DN80 DN100 DN160 DN200 DN250
Exhaust connection &lparmm&rpar DN34 DN60 DN70 DN90 DN70 DN90
Overall Dimensions &lparcm&rpar 73×46×100 79×55×120 105×60×135 132×78×150 145×86×201 168×100×269


High Quality Vacuum Pump Set