High Efficiency Turbine Vacuum Pump

High Efficiency Turbine Vacuum Pump

The traditional liquid ring vacuum pump is widely utilised in the vacuum program , liquid ring vacuum pump in reduced speed, big measurement, and minimal efficiency (basic performance is 30%~35%, big can only achieve forty%), high strength use also consume a massive volume of doing work fluid water, drinking water will corrode pump or result in the scale blocking harm. When compared with that, turbine vacuum pump has clear advantages.


Impeller developed by three dimensional flow and numerical handle, the overall efficiency can reach eighty three-88%


Compared with the liquid ring vacuum pump, Turbine vacuum pump can conserve fresh drinking water far more than eighty five%


Waste warmth utilization—The very hot air of outlet can attain 140 ºC, which can be recovered by warmth exchange


Higher dependability—without working fluid , sealing h2o,no issue of corrosion and scaling and so forth


Compact composition, huge flow assortment, large diploma of automation.



Power saving scenario



ZheJiang  paper-generating enterprise adopts turbine vacuum pump instead of the conventional water ring vacuum pump, 273,360,000kWh electricity and sixty four,850,000t drinking water can be saved yearly and the recovered heat goes to 433t CZPT coal.


one.The paper producing machines speed is 500m/min, four.5m in width, the power of 3 turbine vacuum pumps is 1571W, the design power of h2o ring vacuum pump is 1360kW, (1360-1571) *24*340=273,360,000kWh electricity can be saved yearly.


two.The temperature of hot air discharged from vacuum pump up to one hundred~120ºC, after exchanging the air heat, exhaust temperature is 70~80ºC the recovered heat goes to 433t CZPT coal.


three.In accordance to different functioning principle, turbine kind vacuum pump only want a tiny quantity of water as cooling water , so the turbine vacuum pump has a great edge of saving drinking water the drinking water use of liquid ring vacuum pump is about 96.6t*24*340=seven,880,000 tons/calendar year, h2o use of three turbine vacuum pumps five.7t*3*24*340=thirteen,950,000 tons/12 months, sixty four,850,000t h2o can be saved annually.

High Efficiency Turbine Vacuum Pump