Electric Motor Driven Vertical Axial Flow Water Pump

Electric Motor Driven Vertical Axial Flow  Water Pump

Brief introduction:

ZLH collection axial circulation pump is also identified as salting out axial flow pump and reduced temperature crystallization axial stream pump. ZLH series axial flow pump is the main tools of earliest developed,most comprehensive in technical specs and largest movement charge(biggest diameter) for mixed soda procedure in China. The impeller and elbow passage of ZLH sequence vertical axial movement pump are optimized layout with greater efficiency and performance. Owing to the systems of adjustable impeller,reduced linear speed,butt welding shaft and trustworthy operation,ZLH sequence was awarded as CZPT prize for engineering progress by China Soda Ash Industry Affiliation.


Flow rate: Q=300~8000 (m³/h)
Total head: H= 1~6 (m)
Speed: n=180-1450rpm
Fluid temperature: T= 0~50ºC 
Fluid s.g.: γ≤1.4


  1. Optimized elbow passage of better hydraulic performance.
  2. Adjustable impeller of high efficiency and wide high efficiency zone.
  3. Low pump speed design conforms to the technological requirements of salting out and low temperature crystallization.
  4. Cost saving butt welding technology to satisfy requirements of both transmission strength and anti-corrosion.
  5. This product is adopted in 95% combined soda process in China.And there are plenty of real sales achievements from flow rate 300 m3/h to 8000 m3/h.
  6. Special design to adapt to different applications.For example,increasing the pressure of system and increasing the liquid level,forced circulation purpose…


  1. ZLH series is a typical vertical axial flow pump of vertical installation which takes small room on floor. 
  2. Pump impeller end is immersed in the fluid which enables direct start without filling water or vacuum pumping.
  3. Simple structure,convenient maintenance.
  4. Direct coupled transmission or gear box transmission.
  5. CZPT sealing+packing for shaft sealing



  1. ZLH series is suitable for applications of big flow with low total head.
  2. ZLH series is able to pump clean water,sewage water with small particles and chemical process fluids with small particles.
  3. ZLH series is especially suitable for salting out and low temperature crystallization of combined soda process.


Electric Motor Driven Vertical Axial Flow  Water Pump