Electric Diaphragm Liquid Pump Vacuum Pump

Electric Diaphragm Liquid Pump Vacuum Pump

CZPTtric Diaphragm Liquid Pump Vacuum Pump

Item Description:

TF30A-A Product Specification

Model Force Pump Rated Voltage No-load Existing Max Head Max Vacuum Max Movement               
  (Item Variety) (Vdc) (A) (M) (KPa) (L/min)     
TF30A-A        TF30A-A01-twelve-W101 twelve .6




TF30A-A01-twelve-W1006 twelve .six




  ” W ” implies h2o/liquid pump, ” / V ” implies vacuum pump, “6/12/24” indicates distinct voltages optional.

Pump Excess weight:200g

Pump Dimension:seventy five.5mm*thirty.8mm*54.5mm

Inlet&Outlet:OD six.threemm/ID five.8mm,

hose suggestion:ID 6.5mm

Super silent sounds CZPT:pump head Nylon, membrane EPDM, valve EPDM
Motor type and code:”A”implies top quality duty brush DC motor (reference lifetime three,000hours),longer stamina life time than other normal DC membrane pump


CZPT micro diaphragm pumps and vacuum pump are dependent on a basic principal, the round energy from the motor is converted into oscillating movement by an eccentric, which moves up and down its central point, this movement is then transferred to a diaphragm by signifies of a connecting rod, an elastic diaphragm, which in conjunction with an inlet and outlet valve generates a pumping action.


Little and effective
Micro design and maximum overall performance ensuing from created-in engineering are the outstanding traits of this item.
Self-priming and superb for strain
Innovative diaphragm engineering and specific valve constructions enable performances from 8.85 in .Hg suction and fourteen.5 PISG strain.
Dry operating, sturdy and servicing cost-free
The very carefully regarded as layout of these pumps makes it possible for them to be run dry and ensures safe operation and a lengthy lifestyle even underneath the most serious circumstances.
Lasts Reliably CZPT
Making use of the sophisticated diaphragm elastomer and excellent brushless motor style sets the greatest benchmark for services-free procedure that exceeds 10,000 hours.
Uncontaminated circulation
No contamination of the media thanks to oil-free of charge operation
Tiny vibration
Because of major edge systems, best quality bearing, excellent brushless motor
Substantial level of gasoline tightness
thanks to pressure-optimised structured diaphragm, recently-developed valves and sealing systems, exact placement of the pump head
Severe chemical resistance
The use of chemically resistant resources optional these kinds of as PTFE FKM or other ,substance combos for the areas which makes it possible for the corrosive gasoline to be pumped.
Best solution for your application
A broad CZPT selection of supplies, motors , voltages configurates multiple components method chosen

Our Micro Diaphragm Pumps are accessible with a selection of four various drive motors.

A-  CZPTium responsibility brush DC motor

life time five,000hours,longer stamina lifetime than other typical DC membrane pump

B-  CZPTal brush DC motor


C-  Coreless Brushless DC Motor  

A brushless electronically commutated dc motor (electronics integrated in motor), the motor runs vibration and spark free of charge, nearly silently, is extremely dynamic and extremely sturdy, perfect life-time 15000 hours

D-  Coreless Brushless DC motor with outer controller
With all advantages of coreless brushless DC motor, ideal existence-time 15000 several hours, and outer controller can recognize more control functions of PWM or -5V speed adjustment, brake, ~ quick starting work


The versatility of CZPT pumps permits a wide field of applications to be lined. Over a lot of years our pumps have proved by themselves in the adhering to areas:


CZPTal/drinking water therapy/spray disinfection


Cleansing industry
Cuvette cleaning
CZPT washing equipment

Ink jet printing
Photographic/movie growth


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Electric Diaphragm Liquid Pump Vacuum Pump