Diaphragm Air Pump Long Lifetime Automatic System Pump

Diaphragm Air Pump Long Lifetime Automatic System Pump

Diaphragm Air Pump Long Life span CZPT System Pump

Item Description:

CZPT micro diaphragm pumps and compressors are dependent on a simple principal,
 the circular electricity from the motor is converted into oscillating motion by an
eccentric, which moves up and down its central level, this movement is then transferred
to a diaphragm by indicates of a connecting rod, an elastic diaphragm, which in
conjunction with an inlet and outlet valve generates a pumping motion.

CZPT attributes:


The flexibility of CZPT pumps allows a vast area of
purposes to be protected. In excess of numerous years our pumps
have proved by themselves in the following regions:
one.CZPT force and vacuum apps
2.Portable Analytical CZPTs
3.CZPT Diagnostic CZPT
four.Air CZPT Sampling Screens
5.Respiration Displays
six.Gas or Odor Leak Detectors


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TM30A-B Series  MembranePressure / Vacuum Pump
Product Strain Pump Vacuum Pump Rated Voltage No-load Recent Max Strain Max Vacuum Max Movement
  (Merchandise Variety) (Item Variety) (Vdc) (A) (KPa) (KPa) (L/min)
TM30A-B TM30A-B12-P9504 TM30A-B12-V6004 six/ 12 / 24 .four/.24/.fifteen ninety five 60 4.five
 ” P “means stress pump,  ” V ” means vacuum pump, “6/twelve/24” signifies various voltages optional.
Pump Weight:150g  Pump Dimension:75mm*31mm*58mm  Inlet&Outlet:OD 4.8mm/ID two.6mm,hose suggestion:ID 4.0mm
Super silent sounds<50dB from 1 Meter  CZPT:pump head Nylon, membrane EPDM, valve EPDM
Motor type and code:”B”:inexpensive brush DC motor (life span:one,000~one,500hours)

Diaphragm Air Pump Long Lifetime Automatic System Pump