China OEM Oil-Free Piston Explosion Proof Vacuum Pump for Coal Mine Gas, Methanol And other Chemical Gas vacuum pump design

Model Number: HP-FB001
Application: CZPT OEM, vacuum pump
Horsepower: 750W
Power Source: Electric
Pressure: -98KPA
Structure: PISTON PUMP
Cable Length: /
Outlet Size: 1/4”
Voltage: 220V50HZ
Power: 750W
Inlet hole thread specification: 1/4-18NPT
Thermal protector: Automatic reset 130±5℃
power: Electric,0.75kw,1hp
Free Air Displacement: 8CFM
Ultimate Vacuum: -700mmHg(-92Kpa)
Installation dimensions: L220*W130mm (Mounting holes diameter 7mm)
Noise: 47dB(A)
Demension: L260*W135*H230mm
Fuel: electric explosion-proof motor
Certification: ce
Packaging Details: 1 pcs packed in a carton box

China Supplier 380V, 3phase oil free pistion explosion-proof vacuum pump for Mine detection, 8cfm ,0.75kw piston vacuum pumpFlameproof vacuum pumpExplosion-proof oil-free piston vacuum pump Use flameproof three-phase asynchronous motor, suitable for use in coal mine underground fixed equipment containing methane or coal dust (ExdI GB ) or equipment in places containing class II A and B T1 – T4 groups ( ExdIIA 4 Mb, ExdIIB 4 Mb ) combustible gas or explosive mixture formed by steam and air.
Main FeaturesQuick Detail:The Model HP-FB001 dry piston vacuum pump, feature explosion-proof motor,  safe and stable use, 8CFM pumping speed, -92Kpa ultimate vacuum,1HP power input, 380V AC, Three-phase, environmental , low noise and little vibration.
Description:1. This model is high speed vacuum pump, explosion-proof vacuum pump or blast-proof vacuum pump,safe and stable use.2. Oil less piston vacuum pump, ultra-low quiet, strong power.3. Microcomputer negative pressure oil less vacuum pump,large free air displacement.4. Economical cost-saving : Not need to add oil, save oil fee; Long use-life, do not need to change machine frequently, in normal use condition, the machine can live up to 10 years above;5. Simple operation : The oil less pump needn’t to be equipped with oil or water, it works once it is wired up. It is the essential tools for factory, engineering and individual household;6. Durability: Reasonable structure and uniform force distribution reduce the wear and tear of each moving part.7.Convenient: Basically do not need maintenance,dust can be wiped out once found. 8. The machine body is made of soundproof and thickened material, the suction port is equipped with silencing brass plug9. The pumps work sounds are only 50-60 DB, just as loud as normal conversation.10. Thickened seal cover,Full copper wire coil motor,Non-slip locator,spider web radiator.11.Water vapor separator or filter,built in side.12. Rubber shock absorb;13.Cylinder connecting rod assembly, precise , flexible and durable.14. One(1) year warranty
Applications:HP-FB001 explosion-proof piston vacuum pump is of high performance and high technology of oil-free vacuum pump,has the advantages of high efficiency, energy saving, safety and environmental protection, stable operation, low noise, high reliability, long life, low temperature rise, small volume, light weight, beautiful appearance, simple structure and easy maintenance without oil;

Project Model HP-FB001,   explosion-proof HP-1400V                                                  flameproof motor
Rated voltage/frequency  220V/50Hz, / 380V AC, 3 phase 220V/50Hz,15uF/380V AC, 3 phase 
Power input 750W 450W
Maximum air flow 8CFM 7.2m3/h (120L/min)
Maximum vacuum -700mmHg(-92Kpa) -700mmHg(-92Kpa)
Noise ≤47dB(A) ≤56dB(A)
Operation Temp. 5-40℃ 5-40℃
Insulation class B B
Cold insulation resistance (normal) ≥100MΩ ≥100MΩ
Voltage resistance 1600V/50Hz 1min No breakdown 1600V/50Hz 1min No breakdown
Thermal protector Automatic reset 130±5℃ Automatic reset 130±5℃
Inlet hole thread specification 1/4-18NPT 1/4-19PT Pipe thread
Installation dimensions L220*W130mm (Mounting holes∮7mm) L203*W112mm (Mounting holes∮7mm)
Overall dimensions L260*W135*H230mm L244*W125*H184mm
Restart pressure 0KPa 0KPa
Weight 16Kg 8.6Kg
Refer to below table  for examples of common combustible gases, vapor levels and temperature groups. 
class T1 T2 T3 T4
IIA Methane, ethane, propane, styrene, toluene, xylene, carbon monoxide, acetic acid Butane,propane, ethylbenzene, methanol, ethanol,propanol, butanol Xu’an,hexane, heptane, octane,decane, cyclohexane, kerosene, diesel oil, petrol
IIB Propyne, cyclopropane, coke oven gas Ethylene, 1.3 – butadiene ethylene oxide, 1.2 – propylene oxide Dimethyl ether, acrolein, furfurfuryl methyl alcohol tetrahydrofuran, hydrogen sulfide Ethyl methyl ether, diethyl ether, tetrafluoroethylene

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Select vacuum pump

When choosing a vacuum pump, there are several things to consider. Diaphragm, scroll and Roots pumps are available. These pumps work similarly to each other, but they have some notable differences. Learn more about each type to make the right decision for your needs.
Vacuum Pump

Diaphragm vacuum pump

Diaphragm vacuum pumps are very reliable and efficient for moving liquids. They are also compact and easy to handle. They can be used in a variety of applications, from laboratory workstations to large vacuum ovens. Diaphragm vacuum pumps are available worldwide. Advantages of this pump include low noise and corrosion resistance.
Diaphragm vacuum pumps work by increasing the chamber volume and decreasing the pressure. The diaphragm draws fluid into the chamber, diverting it back when it returns to its starting position. This hermetic seal allows them to transfer fluids without the need for lubricants.
Diaphragm vacuum pumps are the most efficient cleaning option and are easy to maintain. They do not produce oil, waste water or particles, which are common problems with other types of pumps. In addition, diaphragm pumps are low maintenance and have no sliding parts in the air path.
The simple design of diaphragm vacuum pumps makes them popular in laboratories. Oil-free construction makes it an economical option and is available in a variety of styles. They also have a variety of optional features. Diaphragm pumps are also chemically resistant, making them ideal for chemical laboratories.
Diaphragm vacuum pumps have speeds ranging from a few microns per minute (m3/h) to several m3/h. Some models have variable speed motors that reduce pumping speed when not in use. This feature extends their service interval. Standard diaphragm pumps are also popular in pharmaceutical and medical procedures. In addition, they are used in vacuum mattresses and cushions.

Scroll vacuum pump

Dry scroll vacuum pumps have many advantages over other types of vacuum pumps. Its compact design makes it ideal for a variety of general-purpose vacuum applications. They also offer oil-free operation. Additionally, many of these pumps feature chemically resistant PTFE components for increased chemical resistance.
These pumps are used in a variety of environments including laboratories, OEM equipment, R&D and medical applications. The single-stage design of these pumps makes them versatile and cost-effective. They are also suitable for a range of high field and radiation environments. Scroll pumps are also available in electronics-free and three-phase versions.
Oil-free scroll vacuum pumps are an excellent choice for those who don’t want the noise and mess associated with reciprocating pumps. Oil-free scroll pumps contain two helical scrolls interwoven in a helical motion that creates strong suction and directs steam to the exhaust. Because they do not require oil, they require minimal maintenance and downtime.
Oil-free scroll vacuum pumps are suitable for low to medium vacuum systems. Their durability and flexibility also make them suitable for many other applications. While they are often associated with dry vacuum pumps, they can also be used in chemical and analytical applications. Oil-free scroll pumps are also considered environmentally friendly.
The HiScroll range consists of three dry-sealed scroll pumps with nominal pumping speeds ranging from 6 to 20 m3/h. They feature advanced cutting edge sealing technology and reduce power requirements. They are also compact and noiseless, making them an excellent choice in quiet work environments.
Vacuum Pump

Roots Pump

Roots vacuum pumps are an important part of vacuum systems in various industries. These pumps are used to generate high vacuum in a variety of applications including degassing, rolling and vacuum metallurgy. They are also used in vacuum distillation, concentration and drying in the pharmaceutical, food and chemical industries.
These pumps are made of non-magnetized rotors that sit in the vacuum of the drive shaft. In addition, the stator coils are fan-cooled, eliminating the need for shaft seals. These pumps are typically used in applications involving high purity and toxic gases.
The theoretical pumping speed of a Roots pump depends on the gas type and outlet pressure. Depending on the size and power of the pump, it can range from 200 cubic meters per hour (m3/h) to several thousand cubic meters per hour. Typical Roots pumps have pumping speeds between 10 and 75.
Roots pumps are designed to reach high pressures in a relatively short period of time. This enables them to significantly reduce vacation time. Their compact design also makes them quiet. They also require no oil or moving parts, making them ideal for a variety of applications. However, they also have some limitations, including relatively high service costs and poor pumping performance at atmospheric pressure.
The RUVAC Roots pump is a versatile and efficient vacuum pump. It is based on the dry compressor roots principle already used in many vacuum technologies. This principle has been used in many different applications, including vacuum furnaces and vacuum coating. The combination of the Roots pump and the backing vacuum pump will increase the pumping speed at low pressure and expand the working range of the backing vacuum pump.

Electric vacuum pump

Electric vacuum pumps have many applications. They help move waste and debris in various processes and also help power instruments. These pumps are used in the automotive, scientific and medical industries. However, there are some important factors to consider before buying. In this article, we will discuss some important factors to consider.
First, you should consider the base pressure of the pump. Some pumps can reach a base pressure of 1 mbar when new, while others can reach a base pressure of 1 x 10-5 mbar. The higher the base pressure, the more energy is required to reverse atmospheric pressure.
Another important consideration is noise. Electric vacuum pumps need to be quiet. Especially for hybrid and electric vehicles, low noise is very important. Therefore, electric vacuum pumps with low noise characteristics have been developed. The pump’s integrated motor was developed in-house to avoid expensive vibration decoupling elements. Therefore, it exhibits high structure-borne noise decoupling as well as low airborne noise emissions. This makes the electric vacuum pump suitable for mounting on body components without disturbing vibrations.
Depending on the type of application, electric vacuum pumps can be used for workholding, clamping or clamping applications. They can also be used for solid material transfer. The electric pump with 20 gallon tank has a maximum vacuum of 26″ Hg. It also houses a 1,200 square inch sealed vacuum suction cup. It also has a coolant trap.
The automotive electric vacuum pump market was estimated at USD 1.11 billion in 2018. Electric vacuum pumps are used in automobiles for many different applications. These pumps provide vacuum assistance to a variety of automotive systems, including brake boosters, headlight doors, heaters, and air conditioning systems. They are also quieter than traditional piston pumps.
Vacuum Pump

Cryogenic vacuum pump

Cryogenic vacuum pumps are used in many different processes, including vacuum distillation, electron microscopy, and vacuum ovens. These pumps feature a thin-walled shaft and housing to minimize heat loss from the motor. They are also capable of high speed operation. High-speed bearings increase the hydraulic efficiency of the pump while minimizing heating of the process fluid. Cryopumps also come in the form of laboratory dewars and evaporators.
A key feature of a cryopump is its ability to span a wide pressure range. Typically, such pumps have a maximum pressure of 12 Torr and a minimum pressure of 0.8 Torr. However, some cryopumps are capable of pumping at higher pressures than this. This feature extends pump life and limits gas loading.
Before using a cryopump, you need to make sure the system is cold and the valve is closed. The gas in the chamber will then start to condense on the cold array of the pump. This condensation is the result of the latent heat released by the gas.
Cryogenic vacuum pumps are usually equipped with a Polycold P Cryocooler, which prevents the backflow of water through the pump. Such coolers are especially useful in load lock systems. As for its functionality, SHI Cryogenics Group offers two different styles of cryopumps. These systems are ideal for demanding flat panel, R&D and coating applications. They are available in sizes up to 20 inches and can be configured for automatic regeneration or standard settings.
The cryogenic vacuum pump market is segmented by application and geography. The report identifies major global companies, their shares and trends. It also includes product introductions and sales by region.

China OEM Oil-Free Piston Explosion Proof Vacuum Pump for Coal Mine Gas, Methanol And other Chemical Gas     vacuum pump design		China OEM Oil-Free Piston Explosion Proof Vacuum Pump for Coal Mine Gas, Methanol And other Chemical Gas     vacuum pump design
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