China High Chromewear Resistant Mine Sand Centrifugal Submersible Slurry Pump

China High Chromewear Resistant Mine Sand Centrifugal Submersible Slurry Pump


ZJQ PUMP is centrifugal submersible pump especially apply for the functioning under water together with motor. the submersible slurry pump have progress composition, with a broader stream channel,  ideal for transfer liquid have sand, cinder, tailings and other strong particles, broadly used in metallurgical, mining, electricity crops and other enterprises for transfer slurry mud and related liquid,  it is the excellent substitute to the standard mud pump.


Application Condition


1- Power: 50/60HZ, 380V/460V/660V, 3-Phase.
2- Medium Temperature: Max. 40°C and without explosion gas.
3- Slurry Concentration By weight up to 60%.
four- Max submersible depth: <20m
Min submersible depth: >1m
5- Type of installation: Vertical (recommend) or as
customer’s requirement
6- Continuous operation


Application and Feature 


ZJQ submersible Slurry motor pump is a kind of hydraulic mechanism which motor connects directly with pump. It is used for delivering liquid contained sand, coal cinder solid etc.. The pump can be mainly employed in clearing the mud in lake, river, sea and widening channel etc. it also can be applied to clear out sewage pool in building site, steel works and power station etc. the pump adopts excellent material, advanced structure, and it is with wide flowing passage & strong delivery ability. The hydraulic parts are wear-resistant. The pump is yet completed with control unit. The pump set consists of main impeller and vice impeller two parts. The main impeller is used for absorbing and delivering solid-liquid mixture, the vice impeller is used for spraying or stirring solid-liquid mixture to help the impeller delivering.




one- Submersible work Without influence of suction head.
two- No assistant vacuum pump, save your invest
three- No noise, keep the silence of your work station
4- With agitator, no need extra stirring devices , more convenience
for operating.
five- It need not to build pump house.
6- Directly works on the surface of the slurry, with more efficiency
to deliver slurry.



• Size range (discharge)   1″ to 20″   25 mm to 500 mm• Capacities to 22,000 gpm  to 5,000 m3/hr• Heads   to 426 ft    to 130 m

• Pressures   to 300 psi   to 2,571 kPa


Type Notation




50   Capacity(m3/h)

26   Head(m)

11   Power(kw)

J     With Agitator

L     With cooling jacket




China High Chromewear Resistant Mine Sand Centrifugal Submersible Slurry Pump